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Malaysia Week London 2008
A great success despite rain!

Though the rain tried it's best at times to dampen spirits, neither the performers nor the stall holders or visitors were taking any notice. Nothing was going to dampen the sunny atmosphere brought to London by Malaysia in Potters Field Park this week. How could it? For Malaysia has a way of forgetting not to smile no matter what the circumstances and anyway, if you want to see rain visit Sabah in the rainy season!

Immaculately dressed dancers performed perfect moves to traditional and contemporary music, all presented by an excellent compeer.

Fashion and food were excellent too and the mood in the park was the same as if everyone were actually in Malaysia. Fun, friendly and welcoming. If you didn't go, don't miss it next year. Malaysia Week is certainly an Asian showcase not to be missed!
China Ambassador Fu Ling headlines at the Global Emerging Markets Summit at the I.O.D in prelude to the Olympic Games
Philippine Cuisine - the next big Asian Flavours for the UK?
Reynaldo Catapang of the Philippine Embassy and Trevor Krueger, Editor of Taste of Asia, have begun talks on how best to introduce the culinary delights of the Philippine islands to the U.K. For many an unfamiliar territory in terms of exploration through food or vacations, the Philippines has a great deal to offer and is certain to win many fans as soon as dishes are more widely available.

Working with the Filipino Chefs Association and Philippine Generations, the second generation youth movement  to ensure a balanced and authentic blend of dishes suited to the British pallet. Watch this space for further news and information.

The Philippine Chefs Association held a Food Expo recently to introduce a variety of dishes to the trade.  A spokesperson said that the event was a
great  success  and well attended by the catering trade. Their efforts  continue  to promote awareness.
She also said how they have not forgotten the needs of the poor and how until recent times the Chinese would never greet each other with a "hello" instead they would ask "have you eaten today". She remarked that China still had far to go but that the whole nation was proud of its achievements.
An incredible opening ceremony preluded an early start to what is proving to be an excellent games. Could this be the beginning to a whole new era in the World arena for China?
Her Excellency Ambassador Fu Ying took the stage to address senior businessmen at the inaugural G.E.M.S. gathering on Chinas hopes for the future of the games and the Chinese people. In a most eloquent presentation this demure and elegant lady, reputed to be the most powerful Asian woman in the U.K. expressed her pride in the games and the surprise of many Chinese at the British protestors actions in support of Tibet. She read accounts from the net where individuals asked if the Brits had forgotten earlier historical atrocities against the Chinese. All in all her hopes were for a positive and successful games and she spoke of the attention to detail and testing of systems to ensure all went well in the eyes of the World.
OMEC's Taste Asia Event 9/10 Aug 08
Torrential rain on the 9th didn't help the start to this two day Pan Asian event that offered visitors to Ilfords' Valentines Park an opportunity to try out food from India, the Philippines and Malaysia amongst others. But, spirits remained high and the show carried on with fine displays of cultural dance, including a splendid Chinese Dragon doing his best to scare the clouds away.  Rhythm Kitchen played live music and Nusound Radio broadcast live over the air and the Internet. The good thing about Asian events in the UK is that the organisers have been used to far worse weather back home than England can ever deliver, so everyone had a great time anyway...

So much to offer - So much to see
So much to do - So come and visit!
Ronnie Chan, Delivers insight
on the future of Modern China
As enigmatic Chairman of Hang Lung Properties in Hong Kong, Ronnie Chan knows a thing or two about the Chinese economy and the road that lies ahead of this fast growing World power.  Speaking at GEMS recently he intrigued listeners with his frank and confident view of Chinas future role in the global financial arena.  He commented that China had worked hard to get where it is today and was now proud to have become a leading Asian economy. With a property portfolio exceeding six billion dollars he is no stranger to success or the rewards of investment and predicted that China was on the brink of introducing new technologies that will amaze the World.
Bollywood Legend Anandji Shah.  Watch out for the Taste of Asia exclusive interview
Bollywood owes a great deal to its legendary sons known best to all as Kalyanji Anandji who between them can claim over 2,500 songs to their credit. Following the sad death of Kalyanji in 2000, Anandji continues to carry on the family business and recently enjoyed BMI Awards for the pairs work which has even broken into the World charts. The legendary Bollywood musician brother duo of Kalyanji-Anandji were the first Indians to be honoured by the US-based Broadcasting Media Inc (BMI) that deals with copyright issues.

Bollywood's enduring composers have been given the award for their songs Ye mera dil from Don and Ae naujavan from Apradh that the band Black Eyed Peas used in their hit number Don't phunk with my heart .

However, in our meeting this week at a family home in East London Anandji was more interested in talking about his philosophies on life rather than his illustrious music career.  It is quite obvious that fame has never turned his head in the slightest . Though grateful for a happy and fruitful life from music his quest is now to pass on his knowledge to future generations so they might benefit and grow as spiritual and enlightened people. Life for Anandji is about giving not taking and after listening to him talk - he has much wisdom to impart. Watch out for our full and exclusive interview - coming very soon.

Trevor meets Dato Dr. Michael Yeoh prior to the
World Sustainable Palm Oil Conference - London
As Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) Dato Michael will play an important role in forthcoming talks to discuss Palm Oil as a sustainable agricultural crop. The conference will provide an international platform upon which to debate critical issues with senior government decision makers and industry leaders. The future of Palm Oil is optimistic but the industry must grow in harmony with nature and the environment through responsible practices. Malaysia is particularly keen to get this balance right and has developed initiatives to maintain responsible balances. The talks take place in London on September 15th. Representatives from the industry, environmentalists and consumer manufacturers are all expected to attend.
Government Bilateral Aid Advisor, Victoria Bowater-Wright joins Taste of Asia Mag'
Vicroria Bowater-Wright with Dato Dr. Mohd Ghazali Md Noor, Director of: Strategic Planning Office Islamic Development Bank Group, Saudi Arabia
Abssar Waess of the G.B.R. builds bonds for future with Taste of Asia Magazine
An excellent "Thai Banquet" at Abssar's Blue Cobra Restaurant in Theale, Reading, is a very pleasant environment for three hour talks on how the Guild can work with us on positive communication between the Asian catering industry and the general public. While already serviced by established publications within the trade it is agreed that the time is right to develop stronger links with the consumer. "Quality and innovation need to be recognised and Asian Chefs brought to the public attention". It will be our pleasure to do just that and an honour to be recognised by the Guild which works hard to represent its members and support the Asian catering trade. With over 10,000 Asian Restaurants in the UK they play an essential role.
See our links page for a connection to their website for more information on joining the Guild.
On 30th August, her second book on Malaysia, ‘Labuan’ will be launched at the Merdeka Carnival in Hertfordshire where many  Malaysians and English people congregate to celebrate Malaysia’s 51 years of independence. The island, where she was Guest of The King and Prime Minister, has always had a special place in her heart, and her drawings and photographs show this love of Labuan.

It was recently announced that the biggest floating city is planned for Labuan, reclaiming 10,500 hectares of land and estimated to cost RM 70 billion. Victoria hopes to revisit the island, with her new book, to encourage others to go too.
Victoria's achievements and career history could fill the pages of a magazine all on their own but amongst her many accomplishments are the shaping of Malaysian Airlines as we know it today, advising on "Marketing New Zealand" and has been Bilateral Aid advisor to both New Zealand and Malaysia. Her book "Malaysia Terima Kasih" was presented to visiting dignitaries from around the World. Victoria joins us as "Asia Advisor" and will fulfill a vital team role in our efforts to establish Taste of Asia as a platform publication.
Nowka Bais 2008 Creates History on the Oxford Thames
Joint organiser Aziz -Ur Rahman proprietor of the highly popular Oxford based Aziz Restaurants, welcomed Bangladeshi High Commissioner Shafi U Ahmed and Councillor Susanna Pressel, Lord Mayor of Oxford to oversee the very first Nowka Bais Canoe race ever held in the UK. Utilising two authentic colourful craft especially flown in from Bangladesh, with a value of around £10,000 each, teams battled to win medals and a prestigious trophy in traditional and authentic style. The rivers and waterways in Bangladesh are a popular mode of transport and important part of the culture. Each year countless canoes and teams compete in boats that hold anything from 7 to a 100 people. Events take place around the time of the Hindu celebration of Durga Puja. The teams take great pride in demonstrating their technique in making the boats travel at maximum speed.

This first of a proposed annual event was exciting, colourful and well contested with vociferous teams battling for first place on this auspicious occasion.

After the event the winning team and dignitaries celebrated with a parade through the City on an open top bus along with the 2012 Olympic flag which was ceremoniously unfurled on top of the Carfax Tower in the City Centre to a rousing fanfare.


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Global Ambassador

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Malaysian High Commissioner Datuk Abd Aziz Mohammed
Welcomes the delegates to the London conference 2008
Palm Oil amounts to Malaysia's 3rd largest export after Tourism and Electronics, a conference to discuss how this valuable crop can be both sustained and increased in both Malaysia and Indonesia made  for interesting and, at times, controversial debate. With some ready to accuse both nations of clearing vast areas of valuable rain forest to make way for Oil Palm cultivation which, it was claimed, also placed the natural wildlife at risk, both nations were keen to quickly explain the industry and correct any misconceptions. Speakers came well prepared with data to do just that, ensuring both their colleagues and the environmentalists that they held their forests and animals in high regard and were proud of their heritage. They made it very clear that the industry acts both responsibly and in accordance with best advice from international advisors.
Victoria Bowater-Wright celebrates the launch of her new title "Labuan" with
Chloris Flint  2nd Deputy Chairman - ASEAN-UK Business Forum
Bangladeshi canoeists dig deep in an
effort to win on the Thames
Indonesia and Malaysia seek to increase Palm Oil production but not at the expense of protecting their environmental heritage.

For a more detailed account click on the link below
to the sample page for our newly proposed web based publication  www.asiaambassador.org
Pointing the way forward
for the Commonwealth
H.E. Kamalesh Sharma
the new Secretary-General
In his incoming keynote speech new Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma impressed listeners with his obvious understanding of the importance of nurturing youth and entrepreneurial flair in a World where age no longer determined best ability or wisdom. He spoke of the importance of inclusiveness and ensuring the Commonwealth worked for the "greater Global good". He spoke of Globalism, good Governance and Growth, of the importance of talking and wisdom in order that societies may maintain involvement in the Commonwealth and not get left behind. His speech projected an image of a deep thinking man aware of the World around him and how communication and access to information technology has changed it and how we must embrace it too.

Trevor C. Krueger
Entrepreneur - Writer - Publisher
and Motivator

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