Krueger Media is all set to launch it's latest and most important venture to date. Global Ambassador will provide a dynamic new platform for international news and marketing with a focus on truth and fair play. Free of bias and political sway, Global Ambassador will feature news as it is issued by the appointed national offices of information and not independently owned agencies. It will also give a voice to the common man and feature culture, arts and tourism along with an opportunity to locate and generate new trade. There will be a particular focus on bringing education to the masses and an effort to help find solutions to poverty and exploitation. Talks are already underway with national Governments to participate and it is expected that Asia will lead the way, embracing the opportunity to communicate at all levels. Watch this space for further information. Though managed and edited from the UK the site will be hosted and maintained in the Philippines by a dedicated 24 hour team.
This 21st Century education facility in Longbridge, is a catalyst for the regeneration of the area. An ambitious project born of a dedication and desire to invest in a better future for the people of Birmingham and beyond. Capable of catering for the educational needs of over 14,000 people the college will provide a focal point for what will be one of the most important developments in education the area has seen for years. An evening to celebrate the start of building was hosted by film maker and marketing consultant Ardi Kolah of Guru in a Bottle (See his film below)
The extensive effort it had taken to bring the project to life was ably illustrated by Norman Cave, Principle of Bournville College and Richard Burden MP. The spirit of enterprise in the area was underlined by an inspiring presentation by Karren Brady, famous for her role as MD of Birmingham City Football Club who believes that any time looking backwards is time wasted. Karren can be seen in her latest role as advisor to Lord Sugar in the latest BBC series of "The Apprentice"
Karren Brady
Richard Burden MP
"Investing In Our Future" by Ardi Kolah
Some of us may be guilty, from time to time, of attending Forum's with the belief that we probably aren't going to learn very much that is truly new to us but that wasn't the case at this event at all.
An excellent meeting of minds that between them both reinforced recognised strategies while highlighting the importance and relevance of new trends in an ever changing global market and economy. An incite into Social Networking along with a nod to a recognition of some perceived lacking in the management skills of some of our current leaders had us all realising that marketing expertise was going to have to play an even stronger role in the future of UK plc if we are to get out of this current recession with as little pain as possible.
SK Lingam, Chairman ASEAN-UK Business Forum and GMN ASEAN Board Advisor was undoubtedly the highlight of the day as he brought his usual humour to the benefits of doing business with Malaysia. He said, "All the World is doing business with India and China, while China is doing business with Malaysia, why not cut out the middlemen and come straight to us?" Refreshing, funny and to the point!
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This was at Prime Minister Najib's 100 days Celebration lunch in KL after I presented him with my Labuan book. I am with Idris Jala and Koh Tsu Koon both Senators and Cabinet Ministers in the Prime Minister's department. I also met Shahrizat Abdul Jalil Senator  Minister for Women Family Community development.
KapSoo Kim - Director Korea Tourism Organisation
Launches Visit Korea Year 2010 - 2012
When you start planning a holiday abroad the chances are that South Korea may not immediately come to mind as a considered destination, but it really should. This exciting, modern and fascinating country offers a great deal for the adventurous traveler to enjoy. With so much to experience it is doubtful that any new visitor will be lost for something to do. Food, fashion and festivals are just some of the common passions shared by the friendly Koreans and it is highly likely that when the time comes to leave you will still be thinking of all the things you didn't have time to do or see. Of course there's a solution for that... visit again and take your friends with you! After all, it would be selfish to keep your discovery completely to yourself...
Find out more at:
KapSoo Kim - Director Korea Tourism Organisation
Launches Presents "Buddha Speaks With A New Voice"
The Incredible Carvings of Chan-Soo Park
It isn't every day I get the opportunity to meet a genuine living "National Treasure" but that is exactly the distinction attributed to Buddhist Carver Chan-Soo Park of the Mok-A Museum of Korea. Currently in London at the Korean Cultural Centre with his exhibition "Buddha Speaks With A New Voice" which amply justifies his high cultural status.
Chan-Soo has created the very first  Buddha to be accepted with an open mouth, traditionally depicted with his mouth closed, his teachings passed on through legend and silent meditation. Chan-Soo felt it was time Buddha was enabled to speak to the World in these difficult times and, as you can see, his work is truly iconic.
Watching him carve the wood is highly enlightening and very spiritual as he begins the process with meditation, then strikes the wood with a Moktak to let the tree know it is about to be carved and have its form changed. He completes the process by ringing a bell to let the tree know the process is complete.
His work varies from the traditional to contemporary so will appeal to all and his approach is filled with humour and joy. The self portrait entitled "Pickaback" shows the love of a grandfather for his grandchild.
The exhibition runs until the 27th May 2010 so make sure you go along. You can find out more about the Museum itself by visiting : though you will have to use Google to translate the contents for you, unless you speak Korean of course! More info at:
Finally, if you really want to experience a true induction into Buddhism you can spend some time in a mountain retreat - wonderful!

I hope you enjoy this exhibition experience as much as I did
What Do You See In These Eyes?
An Abused Child Prostitute
In Need of Your Help?

Or The Heartless Route To Profit As Part Of A Multi Million Pound Industry
in Sex Tourism?
The RCDS International Evening
April 2010

Click on this very smart young man to gain entry to all the photos of a great night
Now You Have
A Choice
YOU can walk away from the problem or click here to help
Which will it be?
Former President of South Africa

F.W. De Klerk

Presents an inspiring Keynote Speech at the RCDS in London
April 2010

Full Report on my Blog
The Korean Summer Party - June 2010 - at the New Zealand High Commission
An excellent and relatively informal evening that enabled us all to share the successes of the year along with some fine food, excellent music and superb views over London. But, for all the splendour of a well presented evening and an excellent speech by top tourism journalist, Simon Calder, it was probably the game of "BATAK" that will be most talked off. Everyone seemed to want to have a go and prove they had better reaction speeds than anyone else. I thought I was doing will with a score of 34 only to be beaten hands down by something like 56... what can I say? How about, here are some photos of the event...
The One Foundation Celebrate 5 succesful years!
See my Blog for the latest updates on this story and check out the excellent One Foundation at their site

Keep an eye out for their products wherever you go and remember that all profits go towards providing fresh water for villages all over Africa. So far over 1.4 million people have benefited from their good work. Well done on a great job!
It's not all about Hard Work!

This is me with X Factor's "Chico"

What time is it...?

It's Chico Time!  of course!
A very pleasent evening at the Holiday Villa Hotel in London with the Overseas Malaysian Executive Council, hosting a dinner for their new Patron, the High Commisioner of Malaysia to the UK, His Excellency Datuk Zakaria Sulong and Datin Hazizah Zakaria. July 27th 2010.
Kai-Jo Sarsfield
Presents A South Korean
Cabbage Kimchi
Master Class
For Students and the Media

This was an excellent and very interesting afternoon at the Buckinghamshire home of renowned  South Korean cook Kai-Jo Sarsfield.

The complex and time honoured practice of Kimchi preparation is a fascinating insight into the Korean culinary culture which my son Ashley and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with the other class members. Now you can learn how to make this dish and many others too by contacting Kai-Jo for hands-on classes. Drop her a line at this link and find out how you can experience a very different and healthy  variety of flavours and textures. Click Here
"Cooking For My Family"
by Kai-Jo Sarsfield
A guide to cooking traditional
English favourites
For Korean Cooks!
The Launch of the
British Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce
16th September 2010
Mr. Nicholas Brookes -
Chairman, De La Rue plc
Dr. Sarath Amunugama
Deputy Minister
Finance & Planning
An evening of History in the making as the British Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce is finally established.
As Britain is the 2nd largest trading partner with Sri Lanka it is entirely likely that this occassion will be just another step forward in a very firm and important ongoing trading partnership.
The Malaysia Kitchen event at Trafalgar Square on 24th September 2010 was brilliant! Great Food, Crafts, Fashion and - Oh yes.... more Food!
Shortly after these pictures were taken the Square was absolutely packed with people enjoying the Malaysian experience. Well done Malaysia!

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