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Current Political Leaders and Political Structure

Tourism including Travel / Immigration information

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Humanitarian Policy

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Every now and again something wonderful happens. Such was the case when this young girl spoke at a UN Conference in 1992.

Watch the Video and listen to what she says, have you ever heard more common sense from one so young?

The sad thing is, though she spoke so passionately and with such eloquence, did anyone hear her?

Sadly with the World still being raped by man - we have to ask - what will it take to make us learn where we are going wrong?

Where did she learn her mind set from?

Who taught her so well so early that humans are responsible for the protection of the Earth we live on?

Her father Dr. David Suzuki.

Watch an interview with this big hearted intelligent man and ask yourself if you are still cynical about the future of our planet?

One World, One Life,
One Chance to Make a Difference...

Trevor C. Krueger
 Writer, Program Maker and Motivator
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