What Global Ambassador will provide for your country at Global,
National and Human Levels:

A centraly based web Communications PR platform for every nation.

Educating the World about your country, culture, tourism and trade.

Exercising your right of reply to adverse media news reports.

Informing the World of all your positive achievements and objectives.

Promoting your Industries and Tourism.

Giving voice to your national leaders to reach the public of the World
         as and when you need to.

Ensuring your national news reaches the global population in audio,
         visual and text formats.

Stating your national policy on all matters including ecological and
         humanitarian issues.

Highlighting your appeals for international assistance on all levels.

Highlighting your international projects and initiatives.

Promoting your arts and culture.

Promoting your national cultural and trade events.

Inviting International Trading Partnerships.

Participate fully in the Global Ambassador platform and
       feature equally alongside all other nations.

For further information please contact:

Trevor C. Krueger
Global Ambassador
Email: trevor@global-ambassador.org

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