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Trevor C. Krueger
Entrepreneur - Writer - Publisher
and Motivator

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The current Global financial climate might suggest that now is not a good time to start a business - but it could be, if you have the right idea, attitude and abilities.

Starting a business is a gamble, but one you can influence with your experience and skills. With the right approach you can indeed begin a successful business, even in a recession.

Do you have all the answers and experience you need to guarantee success?

No - you most probably don't!

Everyone can use advice, if only another point of view to counter your own and provoke further careful thought.

So where do you get good advice?

The Bank?

Maybe, but your Bank Manager has little experience of starting or running a small business. He just knows what the bank expects him to advise you and that advice is geared to protecting the banks money - not your venture.

Small Firms Advisors?

Maybe, but many of these have never run a small business either. Some will be on secondment from large companies whose practices offer little insight to the problems you will be facing.

Your Accountant?

Maybe, but we've all heard stories of how accountants have ruined many businesses by being overly cautious and too focused on the bottom line. They are great at what they do, but they make lousy entrepreneurs.

If you want to go mining for Gold, the best person to ask for advice is a Gold Miner.

Trevor Krueger can offer you a great solution...

A good ear

Honest advice

A wealth of experience

No hidden agenda, just the objective to help you achieve your goals.

So, if you need an independent small business advisor and mentor get in touch.

By the way, Trevor has run several businesses and worked in a variety of industries, from property to cosmetics, art to social networking. His family business has been running successfully for over 16 years and is still going strong with improving sales - even in this recession.

An initial appraisal of your business idea or current situation will cost just £99 + VAT

It could be the best money you have ever spent and you will almost certainly retain Trevor for further advice once you have read his report.

Call him now on 07977 026533 to get things going or email him at: trevor@global-ambassador.org

It costs nothing to introduce yourself, so what do you have to lose?

Without good advice - you could lose everything...