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Chris Mills

'Angry Mob'

This painting, 'Angry Mob', is a painting about fear.

I often paint with a particular song in mind, and this piece is partly inspired from a track by Bauhaus ( one of favourite 80s goth bands! ) called 'In Fear of Fear'. It's a fabulous piece of musical and sonic art with wonderful lyrics and full of Bauhaus screeches and creaks that made them the godfathers of goth! In Fear of Fear is about the self-perpetuating, all-encompassing power of fear - its diminishing effect on our creativity, initiative and tolerance. On a mass scale fear is a very dangerous thing. The rampaging rabble is gripped by nameless demons. Panic, ignorance and hysteria drive it on. There is no rational meaning behind the attack, only the darkness of the woods, or rather the darkness in the mind. I think that as the world becomes a more precarious place we are in grave danger of being enslaved by this breed of fear.

At no time in human history has international co-operation been more important. All of us know of the huge challenges ahead in terms of the environment, economy and the political-religious landscape. Shall we work together as a global community to tackle the problems, or will we revert to insular, retrogressive mentalities under pressure? People do crazy things when they are afraid. Hitler knew this only too well and managed to distort the perceptions of an entire nation through fear and loathing. Now imagine this on a global scale as fossil fuels run out, and food supplies and resources are critically stretched due to environmental damage. People are feeling increasingly insecure and this breeds the common desire for scapegoats. We see this already as the global recession has brought not only more poverty but increased membership of extreme nationalist groups with their typical ugly agendas.

I've known Trevor for a couple of years now, ever since I had sent him some art samples for his  gallery. He wasn't exhibiting because he was heading into new directions, but he had so many plans for the future and was happy to tell me about them. When Trevor recently asked me to submit some art for Global Ambassador it may have been easier to dip into my folio of past work, but this is a valuable project which helps create better understanding between cultures, and to draw attention to some terrible things which affect the most vulnerable. I felt this called for a specially conceived piece.

'Angry Mob' is not an absolute scenario, it is only one of many possibles. Being an optimist I like to think that we can ultimately outlast the global challenges. But whether this takes a matter of decades, centuries or millenia will depend on how far we have evolved at this critical juncture.


Chris Mills is an internationally published and UK exhibited artist. He graduated in Art and English with Liverpool University in 1990 and now lives in Leicestershire.

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Chris Mills

'Angry Mob'
The specs for the Angry Mob original:
80 x 80cm
30mm depth
Acrylic on canvas
Suggested price: £450

(Chris has suggested his regular price for an original work of this scale, you may buy it now if you wish on a first come first served basis).

However, if you would like to help us raise more money for the charity, you may like to open a bid at £450 and see if anyone will be willing to pay more - and help us raise more.

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Trevor Krueger
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"Angry Mob"

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